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hi, i'm mello!

aka ari/melody, she/her 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈💖🦆🇮🇪

creator of the infamous (yet barely famous) catdance, a lovely little pride flag for the web, other goofy code projects and a whole slew of content across youtube and all good music streaming platforms!

i goof around with all aspects of creative media. i like making music, writing code, creating videos, drawing artwork...if it can be done on a computer, i've probably tried it! really a jack of all trades, mastery pending.

if you're looking to support me financially, that's so cool of you!! if you like, you can buy one or more of my songs over on bandcamp, so you can at least get something for your troubles. thank you very much either way!! ❤️

for anything else, you can reach me for any and all communications through

thanks for stopping by, and i hope you have a lovely rest of your day! ✨

pixel art gif of a duck teabagging, "duckbag"
made with ❤ by mellodoot, 2023